Mission & Vision

  • A non-profit standards organization responsible for standardization, proliferation and administration for Blockchain Technology ecosystem.
  • With a ready symbol
  • Eleutherus will be formed under the figure of non-profit
  • Release “Eleutherus/GP” to open source (a layered protocol approach to Blockchain Technology), Beta version ready.
  • Open ecosystem provides freedom for each layer – from hardware platform to OS, ledger and user applications
  • Allows multiple Blockchain network implementation through innovation in each layer, lowers deployment cost and time to market

Summary of Eleutherus Offering

Blockchain Network Challenges

Eleutherus Ecosystem

Lack of open standards based ecosystem

Eleutherus software foundation

3rd party Blockchain network

Self-owned & managed Blockchain network

Multiple network support

Blockchain network with unique ChainID

Consensus mechanism flexibility (PoX)

Choose your own consensus mechanism (PoX)

Lack of Blockchain Network Processor

General Purpose Blockchain Network Processor