Eleutherus is the evolution of the Blockchain

A blockchain for everyone. Communication between all blockchains transparently and without risks. Each blockchain sets its own governance rules.

Eleutherus software foundation

Owned and managed Blockchain Network

Blockchain Network with unique ChainID

General processor purpose blockchain network.

Who controls the blockchain?

Proprietary Walled Gardens (Ethereum, Ripple, etc.)

  • Pre-compiled software locks down the hardware platform to ledger layer to applications software
  • Restricted to expensive memory (DDR) bound hardware

Eleutherus / GP Ecosystem

  • Eleutherus / GP facilitates the freedom of choice – hardware platform, operating system and application options
  • Efficient hardware lowers cost and expedites deployment

Ecosystem = Economy of Scale


(Trustless Blockchain Protocol & Governance Protocol)

  • A non-profit standards organization responsible for standardization, proliferation and administration for Blockchain Technology ecosystem.
  • With a ready symbol
  • Eleutherus will be formed under the figure of non-profit
  • Release “Eleutherus/GP” to open source (a layered protocol approach to Blockchain Technology), Beta version ready.
  • Open ecosystem provides freedom for each layer – from hardware platform to OS, ledger and user applications
  • Allows multiple Blockchain network implementation through innovation in each layer, lowers deployment cost and time to market

Eleutherus works over the TCP/IP Pipe

TCP/IP Routers or General Purpose (CPU) hardware communicates over standard physical interface & TCP/IP stack

Blockchain router and Eleutherus/GP protocol communicates over same physical interface & TCP/IP Stack


Separates the Network from Application Layer

Eleutherus / GP

Separates the Network from Application Layer

3-Steps to a Blockchain Network

  • Block Size (network variable)

  • Consensus Mechanism (Proof of X, network variable)

  • Difficulty level (network variable)

  • Define TCP/UDP Ports (network variable)

  • Other attributes-Time stamp etc. (network variables)

  • Start the Application

  • Connect to TCP/UDP port of the 1st node
  • Syncs the “Genesis Block
  • Start the Application
  • Connect to the TCP/UDP Port
  • Mining the header to find the “Golden Nonce
  • And, the chain propagates